Friday, 22 November 2013

[Beauty] Bellabox November 2013. . . . hmmmmmm, a review

I love a sample beauty box. I wish that the wonder of Birchbox was in Australia, but alas it is not.

Last month I subscribed to the Australian version, Bellabox, and today received my second box of goodies.

All items from the box

The excitement level was high as I received the Australia Post notification that it was on it's way as one of my favourite UK beauty bloggers / Youtube gurus, Tanya Burr,  did a post yesterday featuring the Australian beauty box.

It was chock full of items (8 I believe), which made my heart skip a little as I thought perhaps November was going to be a bumper month of goodies.

Size comparison with iphone on the right.

Alas, the box I received was full of 5.25 samples (6 if you want to get all technical, but the bump eraser sample is so small I am only counting it was a 0.25. . . hehe).

The actual box was a sturdy post box in a lovely turquoise colour, inside holding the yellow chevron kind of envelope (the Simple product was loose in the box as it was too big for the envelope).

Inside the envelope was 

1. Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen -  This should be helpful if I slip whilst applying liquid eyeliner (which happens more often than not). Not a super exciting addition to the box though as this brand is readily available through Priceline.

2. Bellabox Pb.livout Pencil in Nude - hmmmm, not really my kettle of fish. I am fair skinned and this comes off as a more tawny, orangey / browny nude. A little too dark to be a nude for me. Plus I am used to these style of sticks being more of a stain, so is unusual to see one in a lipstick formula.

3. Lapurete Okuru Protective Day Crème - I am excited about this product. It's a brand that I am not familiar with and I love a day cream with an SPF. Will definitely get some use out of this. The sample size is quite generous too.

4. b.liv by Cellnique Shrink and Tighten - this is quite a small sample considering the directions say to use 3 pea sized drops per daily application. Maybe it only has 3-4 uses in it. But, hey, who doesn't want smaller pores.

5. Aveeno Daily Body Moisturiser - Meh. Again. You can buy this brand at any supermarket / department store / Priceline, so wasn't all that enthused. It will come in handy to chuck in my handbag though.

6. Carbon Laboratories Bump Eraser Medi Paste - this was a 'bonus' item. I don't have the issues it treats, so . .. .  .

All in all I am not all that excited about this months box, the only thing that wowed me was the Lapurete Day Crème which I am excited to use.  I still think it's a bit sneaky of them to send a beauty blogger a box with 8 items though, when the whole purpose is for a blogger to blog about them, and is therefore not blogging a typical example of a box. Not too cool at all.

I will give Bellabox a few more months to see whether I think it is worth it, time will tell!

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