Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Missoni for Target Australia 2014

I am cheap. I admit it. If I think something is ridiculously priced, I will always try and find a cheaper alternative, that's why I often refurbish vintage furniture.

Something that can't really be replicated though is Missoni. So when I heard that Target Australia was going to do a collaboration with Missoni I may have squealed, just a little. . . . 

The last collaboration that Target did that I got really excited about was with Stella McCartney, I still have my lovely silk scarf. The lookbook for the Target  / Missoni collab came out a few weeks ago and I knew that the homewares were my target of choice. They don't date, you don't have to worry about sizes and you can swap them out whenever you want.

I bought a few more pieces than I was expecting, but hey . . . . . . I got them in person and the Target website has been down most of the day, so I am ok with it.

I was expecting a bit of a zoo at my local Target, but I was only one of 4 people waiting for it to open at 8am and I was out the door at 8.15am. Very successful morning.

What follows is what was adopted!

Throws - $69

This black and white throw was on my definites list. I am a monochrome girl and you can't go wrong with black and white with other pops of colour. What I didn't realise when I purchased it, was how huge it is. It is 1.3m x 1.8m so can also be easily used as a bed throw.

Then I saw this throw that I thought looked a bit meh online, but in person it asked me to be taken home,put on my lounge and petted. I obeyed.

Don't they look happy together. Ahhhhh.

The fabric knitting technique is fab.

Plates - $30 for 4

I didn't plan on getting any plates but they were quite nice in person with a nice weight to them. They are porcelain and feel to be quite good quality. 

I have different plates that are all black and white patterns with some blue and red, so these little suckers shoudl fit in well. I nearly bought some melamine picnic plates that were beautiful, but I don't really have much need for them so I was a bit sensible and said no.

Serving Platter - $35

These serving platters were also calling my name and a bit more useful than the plastic plates. The smaller platters nest into the larger one making it easy to store, which means if it doesn't take up extra space, it's not really there so the purchased doesn't really count . . .  .!

Canvas flats - $40

There were only a few pairs of shoes on offer. Some ballet flats, these Soludos style flats and some high wedges. These flats worked the best for me although I wish that I thought the wedges were comfortable as they were beautiful. These should get a heap of wear.

 Knit pleated skirt - $79

I never thought I would buy a clothing item but this skirt is me. Slightly full, knitted with a loose pleat and monochrome. The slip underneath is quite short so might need to remedy that though!

All in all, I love all my purchases and am glad that I went before work rather than relying on online purchases as that looks like it isn't working too well!

Hope it gets sorted out soon for those who are wishing to indulge!

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